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A-Tech has always been locally owned and operated and gives you the best of local service. A division of BK Two-Way Radio, we have provided home security solutions for over 25 years. 

Offering home and business security services in Prince George and surrounding areas, we are committed to providing a safe, secure experience for our customers and their families.


In addition to alarm response for burglary, fire, and medical alarms we include the following—at no extra charge—with your monthly monitoring fee:


Even with a monitored home security system and/or a video surveillance system, there are some things you can do to minimize the risk of break-in:


  • Install motion activated exterior lights to keep entrances and pathways well-lit and visible;

  • Keep ground floor windows closed and locked;

  • Use deadbolt locks on all exterior doors;

  • Exterior doors should be solid wood or metal with a heavy-duty strike plate securely installed;

  • Don’t leave a spare key under the doormat, on top of the door frame, or anywhere else obvious; Note: If you must leave a spare key, be original and find a hiding spot that nobody would think of or install a keypad lock;

  • Don’t broadcast your vacation plans on Facebook or other social media;

  • Install a timer to turn inside lights on and off while you are away;

  • Don’t advertise valuables by leaving them easily visible through windows;

Be sure to lock all protected doors and windows and keep all pets, balloons, electric fans and heaters away from motion sensor areas.

a hand opening a door
a very brightly lit backyard at sunset

Reference your User’s Manual if you plan to:

  • Test your system;

  • Sell your home or business;

  • Hire domestic help;

  • Fumigate your premises;

  • Change your telephone system;

  • Install anything near the system device;

  • Remodel or renovate your home or business, including:

    • Replacing doors or windows;

    • Installing siding, sky-lights or ceiling fans;

    • Moving and/or removing wallpaper;

    • Sanding floors;

    • Installing air conditioning or insulation;

    • Painting or plastering;

    • Installing intercoms;

    • Installing and/or moving mirrors, paintings, or pictures.


If you have any questions after you have reviewed your system’s User’s Manual please call A-Tech Security at 250.561.0236 or toll-free at 1.888.561.0236.

Be prepared! Your community’s emergency services are ready to respond when your security system calls, but they need your help to prevent false alarms.


Up to 76% of all false alarms—commercial and residential—are caused by user error. Instruct anyone who will use your system to feel confident that they can arm, disarm and be aware of false alarms: children, babysitters, employees, neighbours, real-estate agents, etc… Make special arrangements for guests, repair technicians or others who may have access to your premises.


False alarms are a source of many problems because they:

  • take police, fire and emergency medical personnel away from real emergencies;

  • lead neighbors to ignore your alarm when it sounds;

  • reduce the perceived reliability and credibility of your security system;

  • may make your reluctant to use your system, which would expose your home and/or business to undetected hazards;

  • waste taxpayers’ money;

  • can lead to costly fines.


Sources of false activations can include:

  • electrical/electronic items that quickly change in temperature;

  • open, unlocked, or loose fitting doors and windows;

  • drafts that move plants, chandeliers and curtains;

  • wandering pets, stray animals, or large insects;

  • helium-filled balloons and party decorations.

a room with balloons floating in it
a dog laying on its back in front of a fireplace

To prevent false alarms, it is important to make sure everyone who uses your system is familiar with the User’s Manual and understands how the system works.


Anyone with a key to your home or business should know how to:

  • operate your system;

  • have a permanent/temporary PIC;

  • cancel an accidently activated alarm;


Have A-Tech Security check and service your system regularly—routine maintenance can help prevent many false alarms.


Notify A-Tech immediately if you think your system isn’t working properly.

To make sure you have all of the necessary security options,
please call, click or come in!
For those looking to have a little more control over their safety and protection, build it yourself.
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