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There are many ways our clients use their security devices to fit their unique lifestyles and feel protected. We're fortunate and often have the opportunity to reconnect with them to find out more about how our products serve them and their families.

Hot Vacation, Cool Home

While out on the beach, enjoying a drink, and relaxing, the last thing anyone wants is their home overheating or freezing. Our client, Ryan, set a temperature schedule, knowing it would do what he asked (and especially what he may have forgotten to ask!).


With a proactive system that worked for him, he didn’t have to worry sbout constantly adjusting it. It reaches out to him if the temperature gets too low, or too hot; which is great for when his animals are at home. It gives him the peace of mind and reduces worrying about freezing pipes, an “out of whack” energy bill or overheating pets.



Smart Thermostat. Find out more >

a man's arm leaning against a chair while holding a glass of wine
a closet of shoes with a large mirror and chair next to it

A Dream Walk-In

Ever dreamed of having the perfect walk-in closet? Imagine never having to turn a light switch on again. When one of our customers was in the finishing stages of a home renovation, she was about to hire an electrician to complete an expensive and invasive lighting system to recognize when she walked into her closet. The client was able to prevent a costly upgrade including opening up the drywall of her space by installing a motion sensor and smart bulb. This new hands-free lighting setup was less expensive and invasive to her home. We were happy to help her realize her walk-in closet vision.



• Smart door sensor – identify when a door is opened or closed. 
Find out more >

• A smart bulb connected via wireless technology (you could alternatively use a smart light switch). Find out more >

A Watchful Eye

On weekends, Shannon does custom design as a hobby; many of his supplies and tools are ordered online. In the past, whenever an expensive item was ordered, two things had happened; 1) The item was no longer on the doorstep when returning home and it now belonged to “Joe somebody”, 2) It had been delivered to the post office which had already closed.


With the introduction of video servicing and door locks that can be accessed remotely, he can now verify who is delivering his product, unlock and watch his purchase be placed inside, then securely lock and arm his home again. Having this capability of verifying, dropping, and locking has saved him from potential theft and time lost in travelling across town to a post office.



• Smart video camera – able to identify guests arriving or departing.
Find out more >

• Smart door locks – can be unlocked remotely to allow guests in.
Find out more >

a home video camera mounted to a high beam in a doorway
a person walking into their home

Peace of Mind

Schools out? As a busy parent, Carmen wanted to know when her children arrived home. With her video doorbell, she felt confident that they were safe and sound. Knowing they arrived home when she expected them to put her mind at ease. It was a simple enough process to connect her video doorbell to text notifications which alerted her when the alarm was armed and disarmed.



• Video doorbell. Find out more >

Lights On

When the sun goes down, don’t get left in the dark. With your smart home, you can ensure the lights come on with a simple set of your alarm or with a schedule. Jo-Anna feels safe and secure when her home is lit for when she arrives with a geofence perimeter set around your home.



• Smart light switches. Find out more >

• Smart plugs. 

• Google Maps

a brightly lit home at dusk
two elderly people on a smart phone and laptop

On-Time, Everytime

Our clients, who may be concerned for their older parents' or grandparents' medication routine, often use door sensors on the medicine cabinet. This allows an extra bit of support and confidence and with text notifications, keeps everyone up to speed on whether medications have been taken on time or have been missed.



• Medicine cabinet sensor. Find out more >

To make sure you have all of the necessary security options,
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