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We pride ourselves on our ability to connect with our clients' home and business security needs. Let us show you how you can trust the A-Tech difference.

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When the other guys can't measure up- we will.


  1. With ever-increasing threats to your home and business, rest assured that we will have the products you need to keep what matters most as safe as possible.

  2. If your home isn’t protected with a home security system, it simply isn’t up to par. Even if you have a system with someone else, you can switch to us and receive our excellent customer service and top notch alarm solutions.

  3. Burglaries can ruin a business. With A-Tech you can be sure you’re protecting it right with our top of the line security systems.

“I would often come home to find my garage door was open. The family would swear they closed it when they left, yet there it was, open when I got home. With A-Tech they put in a system that lets me see know if the garage door is open and it can even send me alerts when it does get opened. Also, I can go to my smartphone and close it, even if I’m out of town or on holidays.”

a modern home and garage with manicured lawn
a woman holding a smartphone

“When we bought our new home, we had A-Tech upgrade the old system that was put in by someone else. Now we can disarm the alarm and unlock our doors remotely to let trades or family in while we are at work. We’ve used A-Tech for many years on our homes and businesses and are very pleased with their exceptional service.”

“When I purchased my home, I decided to get an alarm system because the area of town I was living in wasn’t the best. I wanted to have the comfort and peace of mind knowing that my home and contents were secure while I was at work and the safety and peace of mind that while I was home, I could sleep well without any concerns.. A great feature that really provided me with a sense of security was knowing that as I came home at night, I could remotely turn on the lights on the front of the walkway and also  lamps in the living room. This way I knew I was entering a well lit home and there would be no surprises”

a brightly lit front entrance of a home after sunset
a smartphone and alarm system

“We recently had A-Tech upgrade our current security system. Often I would come to work in the morning to find that the security system was not set. With my new system from A-Tech I can receive an alert at a predetermined time that notifies me if my system hasn’t been turned on. Better yet, I don’t even have to drive to the shop, as I can from the comfort of my own home, I can go ahead and turn it on. I can also give each staff member a unique code, which affords my greater control of who is entering my shop and when.”

To make sure you have all of the necessary security options,
please call, click or come in!
For those looking to have a little more control over their safety and protection, build it yourself.

Contact us today to find out all about switching to A-tech Security.


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